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Check out some of our listed properties

  • Advitya Heights flats in Faridabad

    Advitya Heights in Faridabad

    Sector 143, Mathura Road, Sikri, Faridabad, Haryana

    374.00 - 615.00 sq.ft.
    1, 2 & 3 BHK Apartments
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  • Aagman Affordable Flats in Faridabad

    Agrasain Aagman

    Sector 70, IMT, Faridabad, Haryana

    450.00 - 746.00 Sq.Ft.
    1, 2 BHK, 3 BHK Appartment
    ₹16.50 - 26.16 Lacs
  • terra lavinium flats in faridabad

    Terra Group

    Sector 75, Greater Faridabad, Haryana

    600.00 - 745.00 sq. ft
    2 BHK, 3 BHK Appartment
    ₹20-43 - 26.12 Lacs
  • Conscient Habitat Flats in Faridabad

    Conscient Habitat

    Sector 78, Greater Faridabad, Haryana

    722.00 sq. ft
    2 BHK+ Utility Appartment
    ₹25.83 - 26.22 Lacs
  • Green Avenue Flats in Faridabad

    Green Avenue

    Sector 85, Greater Faridabad, Haryana

    450.00 - 757.00 Sq.Ft.
    1, 2 BHK, 3 BHK Appartment
    ₹12.94 - 26.33 Lacs
  • Amolik Residency plots in faridabad

    Amolik Residency

    Sector 86, Greater Faridabad, Haryana

    1172.00 - 1244.00 Sq.Ft.
    3 BHK Independent Floor
    ₹51.00 Lacs
  • Amolik Sankalp Flats in Faridabad

    Amolik Sankalp

    Sector 85, Greater Faridabad, Haryana

    450.00 - 850.00 Sq.Ft.
    1 BHK, 3 BHK Independent Floor
    ₹13.79 - 26.30 Lacs
  • Propex City Plots in Faridabad

    Propex City

    Sector 70, IMT Faridabad, Haryana

    715.05 - 1,538.16 sq.ft.
    Affordable Plotted Housing Policy
    ₹23.43 Lacs
  • Amrit Homes Flats in Faridabad

    Amrit Homes

    Sector 88, IMT Faridabad, Haryana

    325 - 642 sq ft
    Affordable Housing Project
    ₹26.13 Lacs
  • HRH City Vasant Valley Flats in Faridabad

    HRH City Vasant Valley

    Sector 56A, Faridabad, Haryana

    533.65 - 544.12 sq.ft.
    2 & 3 BHK Apartments
    ₹19.58 - 21.62 Lacs
  • Advitya Flats in Faridabad

    Advitya Flats in Faridabad

    Sector 143, Mathura Road, Sikri, Faridabad, Haryana

    366.00 - 643.00 sq.ft.
    1, 2 & 3 BHK Apartments
    ₹14.9 L - 26.24 Lacs
  • Adore flats in faridabad

    Adore Real Tech Pvt. Ltd.

    Sector 72-73, Faridabad, Haryana

    318 - 646 sq ft (1-3 BHK)
    1, 2, 3 & 4 BHK Apartments
    ₹13.02 - 26.31 Lacs
  • Adore Legend 3 flats in faridabad

    Adore Legend 3 Flats

    Sector 104, Faridabad

    1500 sq ft (4 BHK)
    Adore 4 BHK Apartments
    ₹55 Lacs
  • Arttech Maulshree Heights Flats in Faridabad

    Arttech Maulshree Heights

    Sector 84, Faridabad, Haryana

    372 - 645 sq ft (1-3 BHK)
    1, 2, 3 BHK Apartments
    ₹16.02 - 28.39 Lacs
  • Dameera Plots In Faridabad

    Dameera Plots In Faridabad

    Faridabad, Haryana

    Perfect Plot At Perfect Place
    Commercial and Residential Plots
    ₹30.00 Lacs
  • Vatika Mindscapes Faridabad

    Vatika Mindscapes

    Faridabad, Haryana

    1.3 Million sq ft Premium Office
    Space spread across 4 Towers
    ₹28.50 Lacs
  • Godrej Tropical Isle Flats in Noida

    Godrej Tropical Isle

    Sector 146 Noida

    Perfect 4 BHK Premium Homes
    crafted 3 and 4 bedroom homes
    ₹4.50 Cr*
  • BPTP Discovery Park Flats in Faridabad

    BPTP Discovery Park

    Sector-80 Faridabad

    Perfect 2BHK & 3BHK Premium Homes
    crafted 2 and 3 bedroom homes
  • Rise SkyBungalows Flats in Faridabad

    Rise SkyBungalows

    Sector-41 Faridabad

    3 BHK,4 BHK+ Appartment
    crafted Master Bedroom
    ₹ 1.49 Cr to ₹2.44 Cr.
  • Sikka Karnam Green Flats in Noida

    Sikka Karnam Green

    Sector-143 Noida

    Perfect 1BHK to 4BHK Flat
    crafted bedroom Flat
    ₹ 41.3 L to 1.73 Cr.
  • Sikka Karnam Green Flats in Noida

    The Island by Gaurs

    Sector-143 Noida

    Perfect 4BHK to 5BHK Apartments
    With golf-ground
    ₹ 4.5 Cr to 7.21 Cr
  • auric universal faridabad

    Auric Universal Square

    Sector-79 Faridabad

    Commercial SCO Plots
    Market And Office Space
    ₹ 1.49 Cr - ₹ 6.79 Cr
  • Advitya Plots in Faridabad

    Advitya Plots in Faridabad

    Sector 6, Prithla, Mathura Road, Faridabad

    100 Sqyd. - 180 Sqyd.
    Advitya Plots in Faridabad
  • pareena-flats

    Pareena Residential Flats

    Sector-99, Gurgaon

    100 Sqyd. - 180 Sqyd.
    Pareena Coban Apartments
    ₹1550 sq.ft.
  • pareena-flats

    BPTP District-2 Residential Plot

    Sector-84, Faridabad

    900 - 1,620 Sq.Ft.
    BPTP District-2 Plot
  • pareena-flats

    Mansha Residential Flats Faridabad

    Sector-104, Faridabad

    2BHK, 4BHK | 10 acres.
    Mansha Flats Faridabad
  • pareena-flats

    Satya The Hermitage

    Sector-103, Gurugram

    2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK Apartments
    Pentahouses & Villas
    ₹90.0 Lac - 1.25 Cr.
  • pareena-flats

    Satya The Hive

    Sector-102, Gurugram

    Favorable for business
    3 Side Open Plots
    Call for Price

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I finally found my dream home and all credit goes to VNS Property. I can't express how delighted I am with the services provided by VNSProperty. Their customer service was top-notch. Whenever I had questions or needed assistance, their support team was just a phone call away, and they always went above and beyond to help me out. Their responsiveness and professionalism made the entire process stress-free and enjoyable.

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