Explore the Best Affordable Flats in Faridabad.

Adore Legend 3

Explore the Best Affordable Flats in Faridabad.

With the fast pace of urbanization, real estate prices have escalated in most Indian metros making it difficult for many to realize their home ownership dream. Even in the National Capital Region (NCR), buying a decent house within budget can be quite a challenge. However, in Faridabad, the third largest city within NCR, one may still discover quality affordable housing options to live comfortably despite modest means. Let’s explore how!

Talent Hub, Pocket-Friendly Living

Being an industrial town, Faridabad is a magnet for affordable talent owing to lower living costs. Sectors like 37, 66, 81, and 87 house several affordable flats that offer accessibility to nearby employment hubs of Gurugram and Delhi. Young working professionals can find budget deals on 1 or 2 BHK options like Adore Legend 3 in Faridabad priced between Rs. 1800-2800/sq ft. Why pay Delhi-Gurgaon prices when you can live large for less in Faridabad?

Well Connected for Daily Commute

Owing to Faridabad’s strategic location on the Delhi-Agra Highway and Mathura Road, most parts of the city enjoy smooth connectivity to the whole of NCR via roads and highways. The upcoming metro expansion will boost this further. This makes budget projects like Adore Legend 3 in Faridabad close to these transit routes ideal for daily travelers as money and time on commute reduces drastically. Talk about convenience on a budget!

More Amenities for Less

Contrary to perception that affordable translates to basic, projects in Faridabad can delight you with the amenities offered even within constrained rates of sub Rs 4000/sq ft. Many developers bundle conveniences like parks, community spaces, retail shops, sports amenities etc. without impacting affordability quotient for buyers. Families will welcome options like Rise Sky Bungalows in Faridabad that maximize joy while keeping the price modest.

Government Incentives Seal Deals

Both Central and State governments actively promote affordable housing to meet target of ‘Housing for All’. Policies like PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana), DDA flats scheme, Haryana Affordable Housing Policy provide added incentives for buyers like interest subsidies, GST waivers, greater floor area ratio and more. Opting for projects availing such sops allows you to negotiate some great deals on affordable flats in Faridabad.


Owning a home need not be a far fetched dream even if you have limited budget at disposal. By opting to live in cities like Faridabad over pricier Gurugram or Delhi, home buyers stand to gain affordability without sacrificing much on location advantage and amenities. Who does not like the idea of living king size while paying less! So next time your hunt takes you house scouting, do explore what fabulous affordable flats Faridabad can offer within your means. The savings alone are reason enough to make the move!

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